More Than Rice and Beans

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A Proud Mami

Podcast Episode 4

In our 4th episode, we wanted to share Miguel’s valedictorian speech. He graduated from Manhattan College 2020 and like many other graduates he didn’t get an opportunity to say his speech in front of an live audience but that doesn’t stop him from sharing with you all. We hope you enjoy listening and find inspiration in his words. To Infinity and Beyond!
Music by Santi @flamencocomposer

June 18, 2021

13 min

Mi Abuelita

Podcast Episode 3

In our 3rd episode, June is very important for Nuyoricans because we celebrate Puerto Rico’s history, culture and traditions. We wanted to share a short story when Tania was a chronic asthmatic child and her Puerto Rican Abuelita who taught her how to breathe. Learn more about Tania’s abuelita Secrets of Grandma’s Cooking Music by Santi @flamencocomposer

June 2, 2021

4 min

Latinx Life Remedies

Podcast Episode 2

In our 2nd episode, we invited a special Latina guest Cat Feliciano to chat about how she use her inner strength and life remedies to conquer Lupus and auto-immune disease.
Follow our Latina Guest Cat Feliciano on her most popular page @so.doughpe Music by Santi @flamencocomposer

May 19, 2021

21 min

Our Love and Hate Relationship with Food

Podcast Episode 1

In our 1st episode you will get to know us, why we started a podcast for Coqui the Chef and our relationship with food.
Visit our website to learn more about Coqui the Chef Music by Santi @flamencocomposer

April 29, 2021

13 min


Coqui the Chef proudly introduces the Mother and Son Podcast: More Than Rice and Beans! Tania (mom) is a renowned Chef, and her son Miguel is a Ph.D. student in Aero-Space Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Together, they will bring you along on their quest to share inspiring Latinx stories, exciting ideas, bochinche, and more. There will be plenty of food for thought and even some for your stomach, if you’ve got the appetite for it! Welcome and expect fun and interesting content, for we are much more than rice and beans!

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