Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Decades of accomplishments finally celebrated and recognized; this is our month!
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Hispanic Heritage Month | Coqui the Chef

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month was created to spread awareness and promote Spanish history and culture in effort to help keep it alive! It is a time to learn, create, and appreciate the rich histories of our ancestors and celebrate the diverse cultures throughout the Spanish community! 

When is the month celebrated?

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated and observed every year between September 15 and October 15. But why does it start on the 15th of September? There are many reasons as to why, however, one of the main reasons is because it is the independence anniversary for Latin American countries El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras!

What is it’s history?

Spanish history and culture has made massive movements and improvements over decades and centuries! From technological advances, to civilization advances, to language. We have always pushed to proceed and succeed, but one thing that we forever do is spread our culture and awareness! To show how far we have come here is a timeline of a handful or major Hispanic events in history that are remembered forever! 

How can you celebrate? 🥂 

How can you celebrate and contribute to this movement and celebration? One thing you can do that will warm your heart and stir up your taste buds is try a Latin/Spanish dish of your choice. An option for this can be for you to take the A Taste Of Puerto Rico Spanish Cooking Class where you will explore Puerto Rican culture and history as well as make Piña Coladas and Tostones! Tasting a traditional dish can make you feel more closely connected and help you enjoy the culture through something almost everyone loves — food! 

Another thing you can do is get a group together and play a game of lotería or dominoes! A lot of people believe that in order to celebrate something it has to deal with a lot of history. But that is not the case, you can celebrate in many ways and this one is enjoying the games that came from Spanish descent! The goal is to connect yourself to the culture, not to drown yourself in history all the time! Have some fun! 

However, if you are interested in more of the history, another thing you can do to celebrate is go to a Spanish history museum, or a museum that has a gallery for Spanish culture! Pieces of writing, works of Spanish art, and history fill the walls of many museums and are just waiting to be explored!

Hispanic Heritage Month Timeline

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