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Meet the Fruit That Doesn't Bite, Dragon Fruit | #CoquiEats

What fruit is red and green on the outside and has small, black, edible seeds? No, it isn’t a strawberry, it’s Dragon Fruit! This week on #CoquiEats, I’ll be introducing you to this exotic fruit.

Native to Central and South America, Dragon Fruit is unlike any other fruit in appearance or taste. Produced by fruit-bearing cacti, some Dragon Fruits are yellow, but the most common type has bright, red skin, with green spikes or scales that resembles a dragon’s back. Have no fear though, this fruit does not bite, and its spikes or scales are soft to the touch!

Dragon Fruit also has a unique flavor. If you’re a fan of kiwis and pears, then you’ll love the taste of Dragon Fruit — and if you haven’t tried either, don’t worry, there’s always a first time for everything. This slightly sweet taste combined with a crunchy texture separates Dragon Fruit from the rest. Taste test Dragon Fruit with me! Be adventurous! Stop by your local supermarket and grab up Dragon Fruit!

Dragon Fruit Fun Facts

  • Great source of Vitamin C

  • Dragon Fruit is also known as Pitaya

  • It is also popular in Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia


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