Food and Workplace Culture: Sharing Culture Through Food

Food and Workplace Culture
Do you have a workplace culture in place?
Have you ever considered how the food we eat shapes our cultural identity?

Good food is valuable, important and, in particular: it creates a feeling of unity and belonging. Many of us associate our favorite recipes with warm feelings and memories of home. It’s a way to remain connected to one’s culture and traditions. It’s also a way to share a piece of what is significant and meaningful to you with new friends. I believe that through food we can form lasting bonds at work, creating better connections and ultimately boosting performance.
Every memory around food is just so priceless!
Most of our cherished memories have two things in common; good company and food that added soul to every great memory!
Food play a significant part in all of our lives, and bringing your team together in a kitchen is a great way to encourage personal bonding.
Not only do the activities build the employer-employee relationship but they also makes the employers more approachable, increasing the team’s trust and respect for them.
Do you have a workplace culture in place?
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