Flamenco Screams What My Soul Silences

“El Flamenco grita lo que mi alma calla” ~Claudia Casares

English: Flamenco screams what my soul silences

During my trip to Spain, I visited a famous Flamenco restaurant. I was awed by the wonderful Flamenco dancers and food. I became curious about their style of dance, their intricate hand movement, and footwork. Being fully Puerto Rican with 34% Spain and 28% Portuguese (as per my Ancestry DNA) I knew I had to share this excitement with my fellow New York Ricans.

Just as I was about to ask them, they handed me a plate of paella. The smell was intriguing, the taste fabulous. I savored every ingredient.

After I finished eating, I felt inspired and learn to cook paella like my ancestors. Now I can teach everyone the secret to a traditional Paella dish. Learn more about our online cooking classes.

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