In the Kitchen

From Spain to Puerto Rico to the Bronx, New York

Coqui the Chef is a social enterprise with a mission to teach the importance of food culture and eating smart.

We explore all types of food from all over the world.

We enjoy teaching how food can be your passport to an amazing culinary experience.

Coqui the Chef

Chef Extradionaire

Coqui the Chef is a frog who dons his white chef hat promoting healthy eating for children and their families.

Our Partners

Kassandra Diaz and A. Krupa

Volunteer Project Assistants

Kassandra and Anthony currently living in Florida. They love the marina and diving. Their goal is to help Coqui the Chef grow social media presence. 

Tania Lopez

Founder and CEO

Tania Lopez is the founder of social enterprise Coqui the Chef.
She reinvents her Abuelita recipes and takes care of her people through food. She enjoys teaching the importance of culinary culture and diversity.  This stems from her love for all types of food from its history and tradition. She finds that culinary experiences don't only happen in restaurants! They can happen anywhere.

Rs Luciano

Volunteer Graphic Designer

Rs Luciano's goal is to make Coqui the Chef look amazing!

Miguel X. Diaz-Lopez

Volunteer Project Assistant

Miguel Diaz is on track to get his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins in aerospace engineering. He is currently working on 3D prints for Coqui the Chef and sending him to the moon.


Phone: (347) 692-8102

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